Today is Tuesday

I have come to the conclusion that I am not really fussed if anyone reads this i just like writing to people (probably like 90% of bloggers), it probably stems from feeling isolated from my laptop therefore being detached from social applications such as MSN and Facebook. I mean don’t get me wrong I have friend in the real world but my friends from home aren’t exactly round the corner! BUT I am going home this weekend for the weekend 🙂 which’ll be nice  😀

I will see Tom on Saturday, hopefully we won’t argue about the stupid overeaction I had last week and DON’T say that’s cause im a typical woman! I still think my point is valid …. and he should respect that! which tbh is basically a typical woman but I am not the biggest fan of people bing sexist around me!

Anway, I am again sat in my student library with all manners of wires protruding from the tower (my ipod, hardrive and headphones)trying to battle through low connection speed to do facebook things before beginning my synopsis for writing for children! *Yawn!*
tbh Uni is a bunch of stuff and nothing. I’m gogin to work in tesco I’m not going to need to know how to reference then! (not as a choice, it’s just fact! my town is gettign a new tesco after its pool was ripped from the heart of the town and so there’s a sure fire job when I graduate … ‘woo!’)

In lighter news the new switchfoot album STILL rocks!


So .. word press huh?

well this all looks VERY exciting … lol .. feels a little like myspace 😛 but at least im out there .. doing stuff … taking my mind off not having a laptop *sniff, sniff* .. btw said laptop is essentially dead till i get it fixed.

currently im sat int he library at my Uni as said laptop is down … but really don’t know if i can upgrade flash and quick time on theses Pcs (though i m pretty sure i saw some guys playing Steam recently .. obviously downloaded so i dunno …

hmm it’s currently 19:22 UK time …. and i am SHATTERED! .. never write at 1am kids …. also never stick your hands in toasters or yell things when drunk … hmmm ….

what to do what to do ….? *ponder*

here’s a question for anyone … pie and chips? chips? or turkey dinosaurs and chips? I’d have mashed potato but have neither smash nor real potato till tomorrow ….

on that note I managed to make fried potatoes yesterday (badly) but it proves i have some skill with cookery ^^